Collection: Memorial Art Pieces

Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

I’ve had so many requests to work with ashes and create memorial pieces but I have always said no because I have always been too scared that I wouldn’t make the perfect piece.

After 3 years of experience with resin I completely trust myself as an artist, I back myself 110% and I KNOW just how meaningful it is to all my beautiful clients to have something so personal.

I am at that stage in my career where I know that through my artworks I can make a difference to peoples lives.

I recently created an artwork using the grave side soil from a mother and son.

Creating memorial pieces comes with a new kind of pressure I have never felt before & to be honest this is definitely the hardest part of my line of work. It takes ALOT of time, planning, preparing, outlining, detailing, layering, creating and the placement is EVERYTHING!!

Being able to work with grieving families and making them smile after having lost someone so very special is the soul reason why I am providing this service - I dare say I have talked your ear off already, however I’m really passionate about this service and would love to work with our community as many wouldn’t even know it was an option.